Dance to the tune of the musical animation blockbuster – Happy Feet only on HBO

This May get ready to witness the premiere of the Academy Award® winning animation blockbuster – Happy Feet featuring the voices of Robin Williams, Nicole Kidman and Hugh Jackman only on HBO.

In this toe tapping animated adventure, Mumble, the Emperor penguin has a big problem. He does not possess the ability to sing like other penguins. Instead, he can tap dance. Blamed for the poor fishing season and cast out by his community, Mumble meets new friends who accept him with open arms. With his newfound friends, Mumble goes in search of the true cause of the famine.

Character Descriptions:

In this comedy – drama musical film, Grammy Award-winning American actor and comedian, Robin Williams lends his voice to Ramon, the unofficial leader of the amigos who is distinguished by his orange crest and stout stature. Ramón demonstrates exemplary machismo, thinking highly of himself and his relationship with females, even when in truth, he has never had one.

Nicole Kidman is an Academy Award-winning Australian/American actress. In Happy Feet, Norma Jean, voiced by Nicole Kidman, is Mumble’s mother. A caricature of Marilyn Monroe, Norma Jean not only carries Monroe’s original birth name, but also speaks in a wispy voice and bears a dark patch of feathers on her chest similar to Monroe’s facial beauty mark.

Hugh Jackman is an Australian film, television and stage actor, known mostly for his roles in several major Hollywood films. Memphis, voiced by Hugh Jackman, is Mumble’s father. He is a caricature of Elvis Presley in his speech, mannerisms, and personal Heartsong, which is “Heartbreak Hotel”.


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