Animation is the sudden cessation of creativity stupidity

Animation is the biggest industry after IT / BPO and Networking. Computer animation is one of the most rapidly growing areas of creative and technical development. Computer-generated 3D sequences in television & movies, special effects, computer-animated simulator rides, computer video games and virtual environments are some of the more visible applications of 3D computer animation.

The general growth is mostly seen in the latest movies, television serials and advertisements, the creativity stupidity. One such example could be the ‘bubblegum’ advertisement on television or the most famous mosquito killer advertisement of ‘All Out’. Animations are used in educational field to help understand the children in a better way. Various diagrams and figures are taught with the help of 2D animation.

“Studies taught verbally are not as much effective as they being taught with the help of visual media”, says Rolika from Arena Multi Media, Jaipur.

“According National Association of Software and Services Companies (NASSCOM), skilled manpower demand-supply gap is huge and the current training infrastructure is inadequate to help narrow the gap. By 2010, the industry will grow to a level of providing jobs for 300,000 professionals in India”, says Rajni from Animaster, Jaipur.

But there also lies a problem. The trained animation experts in the country are expected to be just above 3700. The manpower in the animation industry is expected to grow at a cumulative average growth rate of 14% through 2010. As the studios expand their facilities, they will put pressure on manpower supply.

The animation industry is expected to be $869-million market by 2010 as against the global market of around $59 billion. Poised for growth in India, Animation usage has expanded not only in the field of cartoons but also in Films, Television, Gaming, Music, Internet, Digital products and Services. Website designing and development are recent additions to it.

A career in computer animation is exciting, fast changing and rewarding area to be involved with. Well-qualified professionals in this area are, and will, in the foreseeable future, continue to be in great demand internationally and command substantial rewards. The Internet age has created a growing demand globally for talented animation artists.

Gone are the days when animations were distant dream for Indian media. Animations are used in most of the Bollywood movies to create special effects or characters. There are linguistic cartoon sequels created for small screen.

“Jaipur is expected to have a film city just like Mumbai in a near future. The team is being created from Mumbai itself for the set up”, says Subashish from Gekco, Jaipur.

Animation can be learnt by anyone who has creative skills. The course doesn’t really need a technical background but an engineering and arts student would have better scope in the field. The course’s cost and duration varies and depends on an individual’s learning abilities. A professionally skilled animator can kick start his/her career with a salary package of 1.2 lakh to 1.8 lakh per annum.

With the increase in the outsourcing, the demand and supply are not at the equal ratio. More skilled man-power is required in India to meet the demand criteria.

Yet Rolika from Arena Multi Media claims that “in foreign countries the man-power is less and hence they pay more for outsourcing to meet the demand ratio. While in India, with more population and handsome outsourcing the demand criteria are met.”

In computer animations, a number of quite distinct and specialized application areas are emerging. New computer generated animation technologies are evolving everyday & the future is certainly bright and colorful.



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