HBO lines up exclusive premieres for May

HBO has lined up premieres of some of the latest movies this May. The channel has also brought 60 of the biggest star-studded favorite blockbusters across genres through May and June, every night.

HBO’s Blockbuster of the month is Happy Feet, an Academy Award nominated animation blockbuster featuring the voices of Robin Williams, Nicole Kidman and Hugh Jackman.

The star attractions include suspense thriller The Prestige starring Hugh Jackman, Christian Bale, Michael Caine and Piper Perabo on 3 May followed by Halle Berry, Bruce Willis, Giovanni Ribisi and Gary Dourdan starrer Perfect Stranger on 24 May.

Action and adventure rise high with Shooter starring Mark Wahlberg, Michael Pena, Danny Glover and Kate Mara on 17 May and Blood Diamond starring Leonardo Dicaprio, Jennifer Connelly, Djimon Hounsou and Michael Sheen on 31 May. Catch the drama flick Dreamgirls starring Jamie Foxx, Beyonce Knowles, Eddie Murphy and Danny Glover on 10 May on HBO See It First.


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