ICL or IPL can happen only in India, says Michael Bevan

Former Australia cricketer Michael Bevan feels Twenty-20 tournaments in the Indian Cricket League (ICL) or Indian Premier League (IPL) format can happen only in India because of the availability of large number of local players.

“Only India can sustain two such alternative tournaments. It’s only possible for India to provide so many players required to support such an endeavour,” Bevan, coach-cum-player of the Chennai Superstars ICL team. He is in hyderabad for the ICL 20’s Grand Championship match against Hyderabad Heroes to be played at the Lal Bahadur Stadium on March 15.

“The national cricket boards in all cricket playing countries are involved in a different kind of cricket and none has as many players as India. For any other country it’s very difficult to conduct such tournaments. Such tournaments will boost local players and help improve the standard of the game. But few countries can afford to organise such tournaments,” the left-hand batsman added.

Bevan, who has been associated with the ICL for about one year, observed India has a lot of young talented players. “I am associated with ICL as a coach for the last one year. During all these months I have come across so many potentially good players who might not have got chances to play at the top level. Given a chance, they can do wonders for the country,” he added.

Speaking about his experiences with Indian cricket, he said there are a lot of emotion attached to the game here. “Cricketers here are more passionate about the game. The kind of enthusiasm I have seen here is rare,” he added.

Bevan, who was considered to be a one-day specialist, said he really enjoyed the new format of the game. “The Twenty20 is a pretty new concept. It’s giving cricket a new dimension altogether. I have enjoyed it so far,” he said about the faster version of the game which he said would be more fun and entertaining for the viewers.


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2 Responses to “ICL or IPL can happen only in India, says Michael Bevan”

  1. Abhijit Deshmukh Says:

    I thing ICL is great boost for the young talent in India.
    I cant understand what is the problem with BCCI, great players like BEVAN,LARA,CAIRNS are not at all stupid to join this kind of format.
    They should have thought hundred of times before joining this league.

    Great job Mr. “KAPIL DEV”, the whole India is proud of you.
    This guys (members of BCCI) never played Gully cricket & think they are kings of Cricket, they dont know what a cricketer gets from the game.

    The parents of country will never stop their child playing cricket now coz you have started this league which make sure a cricketers can have a great future.

    Honestly speaking, BCCI have stolen your idea and had launched IPL

    & also congrats to all the organiser,sponsors which has help making this league.


  2. Bevan lal | Mountbattenwin Says:

    […] ICL or IPL can happen only in India, says Michael Bevan « Tv Today « Genesse libary […]

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