‘Tamil Pechu Engal Muchu’ on Vijay TV

Vijay TV is out to capture the passion for Tamil language among the people of Tamil Nadu in its new show ‘Tamil Pechu Engal Muchu’, which would go on air from March 2 on Sundays at 9 am.

The channel had conducted an intensive statewide hunt for the most competent Tamil orators spanning Salem, Coimbatore, Madurai, Trichy, Thirunelveli and Chennai. From these six zones, over 200 orators were shortlisted, who were then put to task at various levels of competition. Post elimination, Vijay TV has chosen 30 final contestants, who would be put to test in several rounds varying from story narration, poetry recital, debate and elocution during the course of the show.

Renowned Tamil scholars like ‘Thamizh Kadal’ Nellai Kannan and Arivumathi would form the jury panel. The winner of the contest would be crowned the best Tamil orator of Tamil Nadu. He/she would also get to take home a prize money of Rs 5 lakh.

K Sriram, Head of Vijay TV, said, “The programme is our way of thanking and respecting our language, Tamil, and the great scholars who were and are associated with it. This programme in a small way would promote the art of speaking in good Tamil.”



7 Responses to “‘Tamil Pechu Engal Muchu’ on Vijay TV”

  1. Siva Says:

    Dear, Can u send me Mr. Vijayaganth TV Today, Channel Share id

  2. Chivà Says:

    This looks like a Makkal TV’s thamizh paesu thangak kaasu’s clone.
    Good try Vijay TV.

  3. Sankaranarayanan Says:

    The programme yesterday (retelecast of Sunday was simply a treat to the ears and thought provocking. We could see Judge Kannan moved so much by the talk, justifiably. The young man who spoke had clarity of thought and a penetrating presentation style. Though his body language did not quite compliment his substance, the viewers were surely so much impressed by him.

    What is regrettable is that we did not get the paticipants’ name and intro. This is a must so as to ensure more audience involment. Thanks for bringing up such a useful talk show.

  4. Usha Says:

    I have seen some episodes of Tamil Pechu Engal Moochu. I liked and I have learnt some tamil words from it.

  5. Sundar Says:

    Thamizh Pechu Engal Moochu unmaieleyee oru nalla muyarchi. Pala Nalla karuthukkalai makkalukku kondu sella muyalum Vijay TV matrum kalanthu konda anaithu sahodara / sahodarihalukkum enudaiya vazhthukkalm…

    Thamizh Vazhha Valarha

  6. baskar,pondy Says:

    i regularly watch the program without fail. in the beginning i started to watch only because of tamilkadal nellaikannan the legend in tamil. further i verymuch impressed by the young team of my beloved tamilnadu.in particular mr.vijayan a verygood thinker and what a flow of language from him. a verygood attempt from viajy t.v to enrich our language and a good platform for the youngsters

  7. duraikannu Says:

    very nice programe,very clear and worthable programe.increse programe time.best wishes

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