Karuna hits out at Marans, again

Piqued by the big crowd and the huge display of many rival AIADMK advertisements in the Maran owned paper celebrating leader Jayalalithaa’s 60th birthday Tamil Nadu CM Karunanidhi has faulted his grandnephews for the abuse of DMK’s sun symbol in those advertisements.

He was particularly incensed by the advertisements placed in Maran’s Tamil Murasu by AIADMK functionary P.K.Sekar Babu, hailing Jayalalithaa as the vanguisher of Suriya Kudumbam (Sun family). Babu’s reference to the first family of the DMK whose symbol is the rising sun further irked him.

Angry that the Maran brothers had permitted such ‘abuse’ of the party symbol, propagated by none other than the DMK founder Annadurai,Karunanidhi in a poem, penned for the occasion wanted to know why they (Maran’s) chose to name their TV channel after the sun.

Commenting on the episode, a Sun TV official said, it was a “pure business matter” and “there was nothing political in the channel’s handling of the paid advertisements.”

Of late, the Sun News has been giving prominence to the opposition politicians, particularly the AIADMK and its leader Jayalalithaa. The huge AIADMK advertisements in Tamil Murasu inspired a rumour among political circles that the Maran brothers Kalanidhi and Dayanidhi had called on Jayalalithaa to greet her on her birthday.



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