Public television educates America far beyond the broadcast: study

The Corporation for Public Broadcasting (CPB) in the US has released the results of a survey of public television stations undertaken by SRI International. The
study reveals that more than 84 per cent of the stations are providing educational services directly to their communities.

These services, which extend beyond the broadcast, range from in-person reading programmes for parents and childcare providers to professional development resources for teachers to online activities designed to spark student learning in subjects such as science and math.

CPB president and CEO Pat Harrison says, “This report tells an exciting story about public television’s educational services and the myriad ways in which the stations work with their communities. Education continues to be a core value of the public broadcasting community and is an essential component of CPB’s mission to ‘provide programmes and services which inform, enlighten and enrich the public.’ Public media is a trusted and essential source in creating informed and educated citizens.”

The survey collected information from 165 public television licensees (representing over 300 stations) across the US. It focused on the off-air educational services that the stations provide to their communities, which often go unheralded. The survey challenged stations to describe their education programmes, audiences, technology and how they evaluate the implementation and impact of their important education-related work.



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