News Corp, Judith Regan reach settlement

Judith Regan and News Corporationh have settled their $100 million lawsuit arising from the termination of Regan’s employment in December, 2006. The parties are pleased that they have reached an equitable, confidential settlement, with no admission of liability by any party.

News Corp. said, “After carefully considering the matter, we accept Regan’s position that she did not say anything that was anti-Semitic in nature, and further believe that Regan is not anti-Semitic.Regan is a talented publisher who created many award-winning and best selling books during her twelve and a half years at the company. News Corp. thanks Regan for her outstanding contributions and wishes her continued success.”

Regan said, “I am grateful for the opportunity to have worked with so many gifted people and am looking forward to my next venture.”

Regan’ lawsuit relates to her dismissal from News Corp and its publishing house, HarperCollins, but captured the public’ attention for its intriguing accusations of smear campaigns and cover-ups.



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