Raj TV’s entry into the South East Asian Market

Raj Television Network Ltd has announced that the Company has signed an agreement with the Singapore Government owned TV 12 for exporting content to TV12’s Vasantham Central, a popular Channel airing programmes for the Indian community in Singapore. The agreement will be for a period of two years. This agreement is to share content of Raj TV’s popular bouquet of programmes, which will include Movies, Serials, Soaps, Game shows, Realty shows, News and other variety of programmes. The agreement is part of the Company’s plans to export its content to various overseas markets. Raj TV conservatively expects revenue of over Rs 300 Lacs per year from this arrangement. The agreement entitles Vasantham Central to air a total of 1500 hours of Raj TV’s content to its viewers.

Vasantham Central has very strong viewership among the Indians, especially Tamilians, predominant in Singapore’s population. Mr M. Raveendran, Director – Operations, of the Company said, “Vansantham Central, part of the Mediaeorp Group, is a highly popular channel in Singapore. The Channel caters to the Indian population in Singapore, with a variety of Indian content, including Tamil programmes. The channel takes utmost importance in offering its viewers some of the best quality content from across the world.

Through this tie-up Raj TV will now enter the high potential Singapore market. We will offer Vasantham central, some of our past, present and future content and based on the response we plan to launch our entire bouquet of channels in Singapore shortly. We are looking at overseas markets aggressively for content export, especially countries like Malaysia, Europe, Africa and US which have high potential for growth apart from launching our channels in these markets.” Vasantham Central, the Government owned channel is one of the biggest Indian Television stations outside of India. The channel is free to air and boasts a viewership of a million.

The channel has also won international recognition for some of its programmes. Mediacorp, the leading broadcaster in Singapore has a total experience of about 100 years in TV and Radio broadcast business. This is the Raj TV’s first entry into the South East Asian Market. It plans to use the Singapore entry to evaluate and understand the local market and also get an insight into what kind of programmes will be liked in that region. Singapore and Malaysia provide a huge market and growth potential for the channel and would like to leverage on their past, present and future contents.

Raj TV already has content syndication arrangements with the popular Srilankan Channel Roopavahini, besides the UK-based Tamil channels, Deepam TV and CIEE Television. Raj TV will look at leveraging on this tie-up, by understanding the demands and taste of the Indian population in Singapore, and conceptualizing its own Independent programmes which will have a local flavour and touch. The strategy would be to use the experience gained through this association to launch an exclusive channel in South East Asia



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