Chellamey Nee Yenakku has more to go

It’s mid afternoon and the cast of Abhinaya Creations’ mega serial Chellamey Nee Yenakku has just wound up some scenes for the day at MGR Film City. While some actors have left for other shoots, the director SN Sakthivel and actors Bhaboos (villain Devaraj ) and Napoleon (ACP Radhakrishnan) are still discussing some shots.

Bhaboos has played villainous characters in several movies and this is not new to him. On TV it was his role in Selvi that won him recognition. Napoleon looks so young, it’s difficult to imagine that he has acted in 30 serials already! While cameraman K S Nagarajan searches for the right mix of light and shade in the forest like area of Filmcity, Sakthivel is discussing the car chase sequence that they have just shot.

“It was very difficult shooting live on the roads with cars passing by at great speeds,” he tells. When asked about the story and Napoleon chips in, “This is a mega serial so there are nearly five different tracks.” The serial has completed 215 episodes and still has 200 more to go.

So what’s keeping the serial going with so much competition and many clones on different channels? “It’s tough to retain audience attention with so many mega serials running at the same time,” Sakthivel admits, “It’s a challenge for me as a director.” But he gives full credit to the gripping screenplay of Maruthu Sankar and his team.

They are all praise for the producers Abhinaya Creations. Says Sakthivel, “They have increased our budgets and spent generously on outdoor shoots. We have recorded three songs with 20 junior artistes including a ‘thiruvizha’ song with a budget of Rs5 lakhs. We have lots of fight sequences just like in films and we have even shot on location with a river background. All this creativity has been possible only because of the production house’s stress on quality.”

Bhaboos plays a villain who is perennially chased by the cop Napoleon because of his criminal activities and an old family feud involving the duo. Will the chase ever end and will the criminal get his comeuppance with the long arm of the law?


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