NDTV Profit to launch The Unstoppable Indians series

Celebrating India’s 60 years of Independence, the English business news channel NDTV Profit will launch a new show The Unstoppable Indians. The show will premiere on January 8 at 8.30 pm.

The series would focus on an outstanding Indian from myriad fields of business, sports, literature, entertainment, science and social activism, whose power, talent or moral example is transforming India.

The inaugural episode of the 16-episode series would showcase Nobel Laureate Economist Amartya Sen. NDTV’s Manvi Dhillon would interview him and he would talk about his life, works and socioeconomic issues concerning our country today. Sen would also talk about India’s rapid economic growth vis-à-vis rising social unrests like Singur and Nandigram on the inaugural episode.


One Response to “NDTV Profit to launch The Unstoppable Indians series”

  1. Chand Says:

    Dear Person-InCharge :

    What Would be Qualification required to be HOST of HARD Talk with UnStoppable INdians


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