Kalaignar serial strikes a suspense chord

The first thing that strikes you about the Kalaignar serial is its name, it was christened by the Tamil Nadu chief minister himself, says the production team. Written and produced by Prashant Jadav, who was earlier with Balaji Telefilms, the serial is telecast Monday to Friday on prime time at 8.30pm.

Actor Devayani, who plays the lead, says, “This is the second serial for me. It’s just two months old. What makes the serial interesting is its story, which is not just a family drama but has suspense to it too.”

Venu Arvind, who stars opposite Devayani, says, “For once, I’m playing a positive role – at least so far,” he says, “That’s because we ourselves don’t know much about what’s next in the story. We do have a broad idea but the detailed storyline is as unpredictable for us, as it is for the viewers.”

It is only when they are called for the shot that they are told what the scene is. “Yet, the fact that the working style is immediate, it is challenging,” he adds.

Agreeing with him, actor Absar who plays Venu’s brother, says, “Devayani plays the lead and she is the good character but when it comes to identifying the bad guy, the story is woven in such a way that every character has a negative shade. Now, along with the audience, we ourselves are guessing who the villain is,” he exclaims.

For actor Latha who plays a doctor in the serial, it’s the way they film it, which makes the serial stand out, “Since everything is immediate, we feel we’ve done it in a hurry – in terms of dubbing, etc. But when I see it on screen, it’s absolutely flawless.”

What do they have to say about the unit? “It’s a very jolly unit. Even senior artists are extremely nice and I feel so comfortable working with them all,” says Devayani. Latha says, “Thanks to a unit like this, serials have become a platform for experimentation for most actors, especially women.”

Finally, what does the director Rajeev Prashad have to say? “It is totally Prashant’s brainchild. And our wavelengths match to a great extent, which makes it easy for me to execute the story written by him,” he says.

What makes this serial tick? “It caters to all members of the family. And the storyline is full of surprises. The serial started with Devayani on the streets, begging. That itself was a jolt. The following episodes revealed that she hails from a rich family. So, everything is unexpected,” he says. Here’s a serial that has “an element of tension and emotion, which most viewers expect,” says Rajeev.



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