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Sony bags 15 awards at Promax/BDA Asia

November 17, 2007

MUMBAI:Sony Entertainment Television (SET) India swept the board at the annual Promax/BDA Asia Awards in Singapore by winning 15 awards.

Max fetched the maximum with seven awards across various categories. The channel, which aired the ICC World Cup, won for its cricket promos.

Apart from winning both gold and silver for Best Sports Promo category, Max also won gold in best Sports Campaign, Best Holiday/Seasonal and Best special event promo for ‘Cricket is back’. The same campaign also fetched the channel a gold in Best Promo not using Program Footage category. In the Best Special Event promo category, Max again won a gold for ‘Cricket is back’ promo.

Sony Entertainment Television bagged a gold each in best Children’s Program campaign for Sansui Boogie Woogie and best Entertainment/Variety campaign for Big Boss.

Sony won silver in Funniest Spot for ‘Sansui Boogie Woogie-Mr Gie Promo’. Set also won both gold and silver in best Interactive Promo.

Sab, from the Sony stable, won both Gold and Silver in the best Entertainment/Variety Promo for ‘Fame X Lets Fly’ and ‘Fame X- Ms Spooky’. Sab also won silver in best Reality Promo for Fame X.

Set India also bagged both gold and silver in the best Interactive promo for ‘Fame X-Ms Spooky’ on Sab and ‘Gully Cricket’ on Max.

MTV Networks India bagged seven awards which includes a gold each in Best Program Title Sequence category for and for Symphonick- Cock- A-Doodle-Doo on Nick.

In the category of Best Out of House Station Image promo, MTV Networks India won both gold and silver for the Symphonick- Cock a Doodle Doo and Symphonick Pan Spitting campaign.

Best Reality Campaign category fetched a gold to MTV India for On the Job and a silver to Sab for Fame X. On the Job also fetched MTV India a gold in the Best Reality promo.

Filmy, the movie channel from Sahara, won four awards. In the Best Editing category, Filmy bagged gold for 10.3.8(2) whereas MTV India won silver for On The Job.

Filmy also bagged silver in Best Comedy Campaign category for Kaun Banga Champu. This campaign also fetched the channel gold in the Best Comedy prmo category.

NGC won gold in Something for Nothing Category for Diwali. NGC Networks India won gold in the Best Documentary Campaign for ‘Fists of Fury’ and silver for the same campaign in the best Documentary Promo. NGC Network India won silver in best website design category for History Rocks. It also won a silver in best original logo design for Non Stop Hits.

Network 18 won gold in best Sting for ‘rules of games’. In the best leisure and lifestyle promo category, Network 18 won gold for weekipedia promo. It also won a silver in the category of best News/Current affairs promo for breaking News.

In the category of best In House Station Image Promo, Network 18 bagged gold for Studio 18 and Filmy bagged silver for 10.3.8(2)

In the ST Public Service category, Channel [V] won both gold and silver for ‘Use Protection’ and ‘Cigarrete Kills’ promo.


CNN to invest in expanding newsgathering network

November 17, 2007

MUMBAI: In the biggest expansion of international newsgathering resources in its 27-year history, CNN Worldwide has announced plans to significantly increase the number of correspondents worldwide, open a regional newsgathering hub in the United Arab Emirates, invest in a London-based digital-production unit, and make major investments in CNN’s International Newsource and CNN’s in-house wire operations.

CNN International executive VP, MD Tony Maddox says, “This is all about owning more content; these new resources will have a huge impact across all of CNN’s networks and platforms. Owning the content we broadcast, publish and make available to affiliates and other platforms is the backbone of this business. This multi-million dollar investment in staff and resources bolster our world-class, award-winning journalism as well as give us the power to move swiftly into developing new business models.”

New operations are also planned for India, Afghanistan, Belgium, Kenya, Malaysia, Nigeria, the Philippines, Poland and Vietnam. CNN will also appoint two new correspondents for the network’s Johannesburg bureau and add an additional correspondent at both its London and Istanbul bureaus.

Investments are underway in CNN’s Asia Pacific newsgathering hub in Hong Kong to increase staffing, and the network plans to assign additional correspondents in Beijing, Jakarta and Pakistan.

At the same time, CNN is also revitalizing its Tokyo bureau to encompass additional reporting duties in South Korea to work within the current structure.

CNN will expand both its newsgathering and production facilities in the United Arab Emirates, bringing to bear more resources across the region in terms of programming and reporting, including more business coverage.

CNN is also expanding its international online services with the creation of a digital production unit that will be primarily based in London, with additional staffing also in Hong Kong and Atlanta. This unit will produce and feed the rapidly growing number of new platforms that CNN services globally. This team will work alongside the television operation and will be responsible for providing content for CNN International,, CNNMobile and new CNN services on TV-to-broadband sites.

CNN’s International Newsource operation will also expand to provide additional editorial, content and newsgathering services to CNN’s more than 1,000 affiliates worldwide. CNN’s in-house wire service is also being strengthened with additional staff to ensure swift and accurate dissemination of all of the additional material becoming available across all of CNN Worldwide services and networks.

In Mexico, CNN en Español will strengthen its presence with the hiring of an anchor and correspondent and an additional editor working from the network’s Mexico City newsgathering bureau and production center. CNN en Español also will add to its editorial team in Atlanta to better service the increased volume of affiliate and stringer content and the development of new digital services.

Disney Telugu

November 17, 2007

Walt Disney Television International will introduce a two-hour Telugu band on its flagship Disney Channel. The channel is currently available in English and Hindi languages.

Walt Disney’s senior Vice-president and managing director, Antoine Villeneuve, said that Disney’s decision to launch the channel in Telugu was based on the success of Jetix in the south. Jetix is the number one children’s channel in the region and is available in both Tamil and Telugu.

He said that while Jetix was leading in the south, Hungama, acquired from UTV last year, was the leader in the Hindi speaking markets. The effort will now be to make Disney more exciting by revamping its packaging as well.

K Balachander back on TV with family soap

November 17, 2007

“I took a break from television for two years, but now I am back in action with Tenmozhiyaal and Naan Aval Illai,” announces renowned director K Balachander.

Talking with the same vigour as he has done on various other occasions, KB (as he is fondly referred to) is very excited about his television programme, “I was given a daily and a weekly slot, for a family soap and humour respectively. That is when I planned the two stories. Naan Aval Illai is a reflection of my earlier movie, which has also been remade, starring Jeeva. In the serial, the main protagonist is a woman.”

But he warns us that there is a difference between humour and laughter. “Humour is always classy and laughter is slapstick. What I’ve tried in this serial comes under the former,” KB clarifies. Humour is not easy, but he doesn’t make too much of an effort to work on it either, “The serials, which I have done earlier, have always had lot of humour. Also, I’ve worked with Nagesh so it’s only natural that I come up with something based on humour.”

KB says he was very careful about choosing Indraja to do the lead for his humorous weekly. “Indraja’s talent comes handy for a character like this. I am happy to have made this choice for something new that I am trying to experiment with.” And KB is not affected by the current trend of television shows either.

“I will not bring an unnecessary twist in my story just to grab audience attention. For instance, if the main protagonist drinks poison at the end of an episode, what many will do is end it there and keep the audience’s curiosity high until the next episode, where they will show that she drank only coloured water. Such things are consciously absent in my stories,” says KB.

Talking about his daily soap Tenmozhiyaal, KB says that he is trying something different from the usual tearjerkers. Not revealing anything about the future of the serial and the turns it is going to take, KB says, “I don’t talk about it even to my wife. The curiosity should not be killed.”

Explaining his break from TV serials, he says, “I was very tired at one point of time. In television, you have to churn out something interesting everyday. In the process, the creativity is lost.”

But when the younger audiences are looking for a shift in programming, isn’t Tenmozhiyaal run of the mill? “The audience might be younger and modern today. But I have to consider my fans across the globe, who probably fall in the 60+ age group. If I start catering to the younger audience, then my fans will feel alienated. When I went to Abu Dhabi, I met some fans who quoted dialogue after dialogue from my movies, some of which even I didn’t recollect! That made me realise what my fans expect from me.”

But he is quick to add, “Not that I don’t want to cater to younger audiences. I’ll do that through my younger team.” And does that mean that he is against the young school of thought? “At one level I may be,” he says, “For instance, I don’t appreciate live-in relationships. But that’ll not prevent me from highlighting it in my stories if they demand that. Fight sequences are always popular but I’ve successfully done immense work without having a lot of fighting. Moreover, I don’t subscribe to the view of adapting to the modern ways and means for the sake of changing trends or for popularity.”

Any movies in the anvil? “No, not for now,” KB replies, “At the moment, I’m concentrating on these serials. I want to remake Manmathan Illai in a newer younger way with one of the new actors like Jeevan. But it’ll have to wait till the next year.”

Sun Shines Bright

November 17, 2007

The Sun TV Network was incorporated in December 1985 as a privately owned company under the leadership of Kalanithi Maran. From a single TV channel, it has grown to a range of 20 top-rated news and entertainment channels in four south Indian languages. Five are in Tamil, two Malayalam, six Kannada, and seven in Telugu.

The flagship channels are Sun TV (Tamil), Surya (Malayalam), Udaya (Kannada), and Gemini (Telugu). Though presence is largely based in the southern states, Sun plans to launch channels in other languages.

Recently, the company, through its subsidiary, South Asia FM, entered a strategic alliance with Red FM to expand its radio business in the north, west and east. Through its subsidiary Kal Radio, it launched radio stations in Tirupati, Madurai, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Tutikorin. It has 44 radio licenses to set up radio channels, indicating robust expansion plans. It plans to cover all of India and much of the South Asian subcontinent.

The Sun TV Network enjoys strong brand recognition, which it has achieved largely through a focus on local-language programming that appeals to regional viewer preferences. It operates leading Tamil radio stations under the name Suryan FM. It is the first to make profits in the radio business. Radio accounts for around 25% of gross sales.

The company launched a children’s channel, Chutti, in Tamil, which has outdone even mainstream channels and has been steadily increasing market share. The company leads in all genres in Tamil: mainstream (Sun TV), movies (K TV), music (Sun Music), and news (Sun News).

The entertainment and media industry has been faring spectacularly of late, and the going looks good for Sun TV. Chennai tops the list of average television viewers all over the country. Chennai viewers watch TV for an average of 19 hours a week, compared with Delhi (15 hours), Mumbai (15.7 hours) and Kolkata (16.1 hours), according to a Television Audience Measurement survey. Roughly 90% of Chennai viewers watch only regional channels. Sun TV had the highest audience share (71.2%) in the past year, compared to its closest rivals in the region, Vijay TV and Kalaignar TV, who had just 5%.

Sun TV Network’s main threat is the feud between the Maran family and Tamil Nadu chief minister M Karunanidhi, whose party, the DMK, recently launched Kalaignar TV. It remains to be seen how Sun TV will fare without the patronage of the DMK, which it enjoyed for years.

However, many media analysts feel it won’t be easy for a newcomer to upstage Sun TV. Sun’s main promoter, chairman and managing director Kalanithi Maran, is the largest shareholder, with a 79.97% stake. The company has won many awards for programming.

Maran has also won awards for entrepreneurship. The company has been successsful in fending off competition, and maintaining viewership. The alliance with Red FM, drawn up last quarter, will enable the company to boost its presence in the fast-growing radio market.

Sun TV has the second largest market cap in the entertainment industry, and its high earning per share shows that it is giving better returns than its rivals. The market cap, and Sun’s second highest price-toearning ratio, indicate huge demand for the stock, which is fairly priced. Even national channels cannot match it for earnings or market capitalisation. Sun TV Network, despite being a regional channel, shows great growth potential.

Sun TV Network has posted good results in the second quarter of the financial year 2008. The standalone revenue of the company for the quarter is Rs 208.76 crore, EBITDA is Rs 154.14 crore, and net profit is Rs 80.16 crore. The quarter saw increased competition in the markets.

However, Sun TV Network continued to dominate the television business in south India, with a market share of 60% in Tamil Nadu, 32% in Andhra Pradesh, and 29% in Karnataka. The total income for the second quarter increased to Rs 217.25 crore, up 119% from Rs.99.04 crore in the cooresponding quarter last year. Profit after tax jumped to Rs.93.07 crore, up 120% from Rs 42.23 crore for the corresponding quarter last year. The return on equity (ROE) has been around 47.56% in FY 07, an increase of 6% over 41.54% in FY 06.

The profitability of the company can be seen from the following comparative study of ratios from FY06 to FY07: retained earnings increased by 74.08%, operating income/total asset rose from 0.590% to 0.693%, showing an increase in profitability over the total assets employed. The net worth of the company has increased by 297.57% from Rs 299.15 crore (FY06) to Rs 1,189.32 crore (FY07). Similarly, reserves increased by 372.46% from Rs 237.15 crore (FY06) to Rs 1,120.43 crore (FY07).

Besides a huge market share in the southern part of the country, Sun TV Network has long-term plans to expand nationwide. It has started off with radio operations, which are doing well, and is likely to expand its TV business to the other parts of the country. The company has a sound growth record and excellent management. It is a good investment option for investors with a long-term horizon and moderate risk appetite.

Walt Disney to buy 11.15 % in UTV

November 10, 2007

Walt Disney is expected to buy another 11.15 per cent stake in India’s leading media and entertainment company UTV, people close to the transaction told us. Disney is in final talks to buy this stake and the transaction price is not known.

Sources say that Disney would buy 11.15 % stake from the promoters holding led by Ronnie Screwvala, who has 30% stake in UTV. The company has a market capitalisation of Rs 1,544 crore, with an enterprise value of about Rs 1,680 crore.

The US media giant is expected to invest in UTV to attain a market leadership position and the move is expected to help both Disney and UTV. But a more than 15% stake in the UTV would require an open offer, which is mandatory under SEBI regulations.

Walt Disney last year entered into an agreement to wholly acquire Hungama TV, UTV’s homegrown kids channel and take a 14.85% equity interest in media company UTV Software Communications.

Both UTV and Disney said that they do not comment on market speculation. Walt Disney will strengthen its foothold in India with a significant ownership in UTV, which will get extra money and will also be able to produce more content for Disney.

Shares of UTV on the BSE closed at Rs 674.70 on Thursday, though it opened at Rs 725 today and has touched Rs 759 in the noon.

Accel to televise Thirukkural couplets for global audience

November 10, 2007


When Thiruvalluvar compiled his famous Tamil couplets into Thirukkural, he is considered to have meant it to throw light on aram (virtue), porul (realities) and imbam (pleasures) of life.

Those thoughtful couplets on virtues, realities and pleasures are now being brought to the small screen in a full-length digital version and packaged in a manner that children across the world will be able to appreciate and imbibe the philosophy of the book.

Digital animation major Accel Animation Studios has chalked out plans to bring those couplets to life in 133 episodes, the same number of chapters that Thirukkural has, and market it to a global audience.

The company has signed up with Los Angeles-based Long Tale for the distribution of the animated episodes, each of which will tell-atale based on the Thirukkural couplets. Each of the tales will be in the form of an 11-minute episode and the entire project is estimated to cost in the region of $ 3 million.

“We are getting writers in India to fashion stories based on the Thirukkural, which will in turn be sent to writers in the US to rewrite them to fit the global audience taste, get the animation work done back in India and then market them globally,” S Muralidharan, chief technology officer, Accel Animation said.

The company has already got the market feedback by testing the concept at the recent Cannes festival, where global distributors are learnt to have evinced interest in the product. In Cannes, the concept was introduced as South Indian fables, given the likely unfamiliarity of the Thirukkural among animation marketers.

Muralidharan said the first six episodes of the Thirukkural series would be ready by January 2008, when the English version would be launched globally, alongside a domestic launch that will see the release of the animated series in Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam and Hindi.

~ TvToday Team

Big Battle : Sun Tv vs Kalaingar Tv

November 7, 2007

The channel war between Sun TV and Kalaignar TV took a heated turn on Sunday when both channels engaged in an all out competition to garner the maximum number of viewers.

Sun TV, on one hand telecast an hourlong programme at 11 am, pertaining to the recently held Tamil Nadu State Film Awards, which saw the participation of CM Karunanidhi, Rajnikanth, Kamal Haasan etc., Interestingly, the rights to telecast the programme were vested with Kalaignar TV, which in retaliation telecast the Vijay-starrer Ghilli at 11 am, for which the rights are said to be with Sun TV.

It all began when the news announcing the airing of the State awards was flashed across Sun TV from 9 am onwards on Sunday. It surprised most viewers who had not seen any ads pertaining to it and were unaware of it being on the program schedule.

It came as a rude shock for Kalaignar TV, because they had slotted the same programme albeit for a four-hour duration on Diwali. As an immediate damage control measure, Kalaignar TV unexpectedly telecast Ghilli at 11 am despite having other programmes scheduled for that slot. The channel did this after being informed by their sources of Sun TV’s plans to screen Ghilli on Diwali.

But, when Sun TV concluded their programme after an hour, Kalaignar TV abruptly put an end to the telecast of Ghilli and continued with their programmes as per schedule. Sources close to A. M. Ratnam, who produced Ghilli confirmed that only Sun TV held the telecast rights to the film. They also revealed that the problem started a week back when Kalaignar TV found that Sun TV intended to telecast Kamal’s Vettayadu Vilayadu on Diwali.

According to sources, since the film released only last year, Kalaignar TV objected to this citing rules with regard to telecast of films starring major actors. They also filed a complaint with the Producers Council, headed by Ramanarayanan, the CEO of Kalaignar TV.

When Manickam Narayanan, the producer of Vettayadu Vilayadu was contacted, he said that although he had sold the film’s telecast rights to Sun TV, he was not aware about its telecasting date.

He adds, “The date of telecast is decided by the Distributors Federation, which acts as per their whim and fancy without even considering the producers. They can fix any time frame for any film.”

He refused to comment further on the issue. Despite several attempts, no official spokesperson was available for comment regarding the channels’ future course of action.

– Tv Today Team

Chandra’s ICL put’s up first list of sponsors

November 7, 2007

The Indian Cricket League (ICL) has announced the first list of partners for the ICL 20-20 tournament to be held at Chandigarh later this month.

The partners are Provogue, TCI, Sab Miller and Microsoft. ICL president sales and sponsorships Satish Menon said, “We welcome our partners on board and are happy with the overwhelming response we have received from the market. We have many more partners that are in the final stages of confirmation.”

Provogue president Bipin Gurnani said, “This association for the merchandise of ICL gear will help build brand ICL through our 126 stores across the country. It will also help launch the big business of sports merchandising in India as well.”
MSN India executive producer Krishna Prasad said, “Cricket online is today restricted to bits and pieces of information and primarily text based; partnering with ICL we will help showcase cricket for the online community in ways beyond what has been done till date. We are happy to partner and bring the game alive on MSN India. The new face of cricket on the web will be unveiled in the next two weeks.”

Sab Miller director marketing Apurv Nagpal said, “Fosters is proud to partner ICL in this exciting new venture. Cricket and especially twenty-20 cricket, is fun, adventurous and high-energy, all attributes that Fosters stands for as well. We hope that the spectators enjoy watching the matches along with Fosters, to the fullest.

What’s the BCCI’s official IPC gana do, wait and see.

– Sports Divs
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November 6, 2007

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