CNN-IBN launches the Citizen Journalist Show

CNN-IBN launched ‘The Citizen Journalist Show: Be the Change’, the eight-episode series will air on Saturdays at 9.30 pm, with a repeat on Sundays at 5.30 pm. The show is an attempt to celebrate the spirit of civic activism and take user-generated content to a new level.

The series invites citizens of the country to use the show and power of media to fight back, save their cities and raise issues. Viewers are asked to become citizen journalists by either logging onto the CJ micro site,, or sending an SMS to 52622. They can send in text messages, video content or even stills, all of which will be displayed on the show.

An official communiqué stated that CNN-IBN had started a show two years ago whereby it introduced the concept of ‘citizen journalism’. It encouraged people to not simply imbibe news, but become an intrinsic part of the news gathering process. Citizens from across the country had sent in videos, photographs and posted blogs to report on a variety of issues.

“Citizen journalism lies at the heart of CNN-IBN’s raison d’etre of inclusive journalism. It not only engages the viewer in public life and encourages them to be proactive, but also transforms news into an interactive and multilateral process,” said Rajdeep Sardesai, Editor-in-Chief, CNN-IBN and IBN 7.

‘The Citizen Journalist Show: Be the Change’ series will comprise segments like ‘Fight Back’ – fight against any injustice; ‘Civic Activism’ – raising local civic problems; ‘Anti-Corruption Bureau’ – standing up against bribes; ‘Real Heroes’ – nominate someone who has been doing exemplary work against all odds; ‘Green CJ’ – undertaking an effective green initiative; ‘Viewer’s Feedback’ – voicing opinions on CNN-IBN reports;and ‘Bulletin Board’ – issues and grievances troubling viewers along with photos and videos.

The show is also introducing ‘Be The Change’ concept where volunteers helping their community are being empowered with handicams to document their efforts on video.

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53 Responses to “CNN-IBN launches the Citizen Journalist Show”

  1. vinay kumar and rprassana kumar Says:

    please do look into this ASAP as the parraya ends on the 17th jan 2008

  2. Narendra Says:

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  3. Aashish gautam Says:

    i am interested in your cj.

  4. sunny Says:

    ya its true that as you can see that in the attachment that i have posted because at present v have mr. v.vijay Kumar as our principle from last 6 months and as per site of cbse dr. n.u.k.menon is our licensed principle till November 2009 if u r thinking that the site is not up dated than see its update time its 2008

    source—>cbse affiliated skls—>2nd option—>affiliation no.s—> fill—>1030018—>see principals name—> its dr. nukmennon —> actually its mr. v.vijaykumar so let it no to india that here every thing is illegal

  5. Arbind Singh Says:

    I am a retired Air Force Personnel and interested to join the citizen jounalism , if possible contact me on 9810404234 else mail me



  6. Vikrant Dogra Says:

    whole of jammu is protesting agaisnt the land transfer for last one month …. with food and water .. ever electicity is been taken away from them…. every cornor of jammu region is protesting

    but your channel is insentitivty to these devoplemnts… but when some dogs bark in kashmir valley u make a breaking news and provide platform for nobodys like Omar farooq and yasim mailks to spit venom agaisnt india ….

    plz do some intospection ur part of this country ….

  7. Aditya Says:

    very sadly i want to say that u are not covering the present situation in jammu and not putting the sentiments of the whole region before the country in a right perspective. jammuties have always been nationalists. administration here is trying to crush the voice of people here by banning media and imposing curfew. it is your duty to put the voice of jammuties before the whole nation, each and every citizen of jammu has been struggling and whole region is burning for last 11 consecutive days. you relay even a useless comment of separatist leaders of kashmir but it is very sad to say that sentiments of lakhs of nationalist jammuties is not being covered. you conduct very productive and intellectual debates on national and international issues, you must conduct a debate in regarding the issue so that whole nation comes to know that what is the issue for which lakhs of jammuties have been fighting. you should cover this issue otherwise there is no use to call yourself as “sachi khabar” & “no.1 news channel” etc., otherwise there is “no need” of transmission of your channel in this region

  8. Gourav Says:

    your duty is to raise the voice of common people…….especially when they are lakhs in number……..please don’t telecast useless stories on your news channel and stop boasting of being “no.1 news channel”……it hurts the sentiments of people in this region……

    if you are fair enough then send special correspondents and cover the whole story……..people are angry against administration but they are more dissapointed and angry with the” casual and irresponsible” attitude of national news channels against situation in jammu……..

  9. vaisagh.m Says:

    i am glade to see your programe these type of programe give the students fight aganist the unfair activities, my friend is also facing the same fees problem i will ask him join you to get fair action

  10. colwyn Says:

    i have purchased a flat in malad mumbai. te builder refuses to give the letter of possession for want of an fsi letter and vat cheques and society maintenance charges. which i have refused. i have made complete payment for the flat and have it registered and paid stamp duty. i will pay the maintenance too. but i dont intend to give a letter for the fsi and vat cheques till it is passed. can i have my entire amount refunded as i feel the builder is not reliable and will face many probs in future. also is there any possibility of getting stamp duty refund. your help is appreciated. hoping for an early reply.

  11. How to Get Six Pack Fast Says:

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  12. Kapil Says:

    I am citizen of India living in East Delhi from last 15 years. After few months, Delhi will host Commonwealth games in 2010. Lots of foreigners will visit our country and we don’t want that they will make a wrong image of poor and unclean India. Our government is also working in the direction to make city neat and clean but not sure how far they have succeed; surly not in East Delhi.

    Lots of complaints have been registered to remove Auto-Rickshaw market from Jheel, near Geeta colony but nothing has been done yet. It’s a residential area but lots of auto repair shops are there. We face lots of troubles such as air & noise pollution, jams due to auto rickshaw parking on roads, eve teasing etc.

    As I mentioned it earlier that we have registered lots of complaints, one judge came for a round a day but the auto rickshaw shop keepers got the information before judge reach there. They all shut down there shops that day and remove all their rickshaws from road too.

    I sincerely request you to take initiative in this and help us to live healthy.


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  38. NEERAJA Says:

    I am resident of NDMC area North Moti Bagh-I. I represent common man/general public. I have a strong complaint on the humiliation of ortho patients at CHARAK PALIKA HOSPITAL. Here, the patients waiting in the reglar line for their turn develop high BP by watching the out of turn entries in to DOCTOR’S room by various categories, viz. People in disguise of senior officers, NDMC staff. Nurses, Drivers, Security men, Cable operatos, shop owners, etc. who have already set the Doctors/securities by means of cash or kind and get royal treatment. The mission of the Hospital is to serve the general public. But lot of misuse activities take place here by harassing the common man under poverty line. CAN U BELL THE CAT?

  39. Igre Says:

    Odlican clanak.. samo naprijed…

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  44. bcvraju Says:

    its good and a hope that anna hazare,kiran bedi are coming out for jan lok pall bill.the lws in this are to strict like compulsary jail term and conficating of properties if convicted and this commitee should be citizen centered to bring a full stop in lotting the nation by these politicians and beurocrats,it will reduse the middle income nd lower income groups a life of comforts, the bribes will vanish from this continent.if such a bill is passed many politicians at least 80perent will bein jails and there3 property is no more with them.the NCP so re3diculous that he instead of solving the issue he stated calling movement as rss.these dirty politicians have to be killed in the first instance.

  45. bcvraju Says:

    The corruption so rampant that the constitution while taking oat of mla or mp promise that they shall be impartial and they set up there own industries, media, donation colleges and has shares in many firms and the mauritious way of money to bring a de3ath certificate we pay bribe, to day to register alnd we need bribes, today any governament bodies that a common man like ration card or houses are the subsidies or pension each one has to pay a bribes,be it the accident victims family or any the sez lands are thrown away to unethical corporates at throw way prices at the cost of loosing ones land that was giving food to those families years and years and do any one know that each deal has given them crores of rupees under the is thses criminals being heading the governament and bring corrupt judges , corrupt police, corrupt beurocats to rule the nation.true that the system has failed to bring comforts to societyy. a 35per cent vote margin is the maximum points that a leader wins and 40 percent has not voted to any party just because they are against the system,in a ballot paper there is no voice for none of the purchase voters with liqour, money and muscle power a parliment starts with and they say they are kings is llot directly under the coopertion of the illitrate poverty riden society is no democratic but i call it as rough constitution.the constitution we have with no responsibility, no transpernacy, no ethics in governnace just because the winning an election made you sit on the chair.shame on this freedom, shame on this rule,perhaps colonial rule is better than the present regime.

  46. bcvraju Says:

    anna hazare,kiran bedi and many others that are comming up, i say we are with you,please make this a real that the power of people is more than the power of governament.yatha raja thata praja holds good only when leaders like kiran bedi, anna haree, bab ramdev,swami agnivesh all come in one platform and change the system.

  47. bcvraju Says:

    corruption made a middle class under ruins, the taxes in one hand, the bribes in the other hand aqnd the oldage wwith misery ofpoverty a sin that we all have gone through is enough.dismantle all the stues be it nehru, gandhi ,boycot reading bookjs of leaders,autobiographies, boy cot all elections , boycot all process of legislation and we the people can chasnge the system by this movement,please do not let down your self asthe brutes will throw dung on you, nevrmind , we are with you ,please bring a change in this movement,anna we are with you no one can dislodge us from you.please change the system

  48. source Says:

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    I’ll definitely be back.

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