Big Battle : Sun Tv vs Kalaingar Tv

The channel war between Sun TV and Kalaignar TV took a heated turn on Sunday when both channels engaged in an all out competition to garner the maximum number of viewers.

Sun TV, on one hand telecast an hourlong programme at 11 am, pertaining to the recently held Tamil Nadu State Film Awards, which saw the participation of CM Karunanidhi, Rajnikanth, Kamal Haasan etc., Interestingly, the rights to telecast the programme were vested with Kalaignar TV, which in retaliation telecast the Vijay-starrer Ghilli at 11 am, for which the rights are said to be with Sun TV.

It all began when the news announcing the airing of the State awards was flashed across Sun TV from 9 am onwards on Sunday. It surprised most viewers who had not seen any ads pertaining to it and were unaware of it being on the program schedule.

It came as a rude shock for Kalaignar TV, because they had slotted the same programme albeit for a four-hour duration on Diwali. As an immediate damage control measure, Kalaignar TV unexpectedly telecast Ghilli at 11 am despite having other programmes scheduled for that slot. The channel did this after being informed by their sources of Sun TV’s plans to screen Ghilli on Diwali.

But, when Sun TV concluded their programme after an hour, Kalaignar TV abruptly put an end to the telecast of Ghilli and continued with their programmes as per schedule. Sources close to A. M. Ratnam, who produced Ghilli confirmed that only Sun TV held the telecast rights to the film. They also revealed that the problem started a week back when Kalaignar TV found that Sun TV intended to telecast Kamal’s Vettayadu Vilayadu on Diwali.

According to sources, since the film released only last year, Kalaignar TV objected to this citing rules with regard to telecast of films starring major actors. They also filed a complaint with the Producers Council, headed by Ramanarayanan, the CEO of Kalaignar TV.

When Manickam Narayanan, the producer of Vettayadu Vilayadu was contacted, he said that although he had sold the film’s telecast rights to Sun TV, he was not aware about its telecasting date.

He adds, “The date of telecast is decided by the Distributors Federation, which acts as per their whim and fancy without even considering the producers. They can fix any time frame for any film.”

He refused to comment further on the issue. Despite several attempts, no official spokesperson was available for comment regarding the channels’ future course of action.

– Tv Today Team


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One Response to “Big Battle : Sun Tv vs Kalaingar Tv”

  1. rajagopalan Says:

    Kalaignar TV is trying musle pull tactis ,being in power

    It should accept that SUNTV is the most popular TV in south,maily because of its quality,good serial ,good new channel

    Let Kalaignar TV do some innovation and present to viewers instead copying Sun/Vijay,focussing on Cinema

    Being strong on politics.let them present a neutral news like NDTV

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